It's baby time...

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It's baby time...

Just saw my doc - having contractions every 2-3 minutes and 2cm dilated. My doc said I could wait it out and could be days still this way, or head in to the hospital and she'll try and get things moving. She said it's up to me, depending on how much more I can take. I told her I've pretty much had enough and not sure I can take contractions every 2-3 minutes indefinately. So... we're heading into the hospital in about an hour to have a baby... gulp. Am I ready for this??? Can I say epidural fast enough?

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Woo hoo!!!! ELVs Yael!!! I'll be refreshing all night looking for an update!!

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Sending you some *easy labor vibes*.

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Yey!! Our 3rd May Miracle. I can't wait Smile

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ELVs, mama!!! SOOOOO excited it's your time! Don't forget - we want pictures!! Biggrin :clappy: :woohoo:

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Go get em! Can't wait for updates!

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Soooo exciting!!! Good luck!

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yay!!! good luck!!! Can't wait for an update!

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Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly!