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Just complaining

I hate morning sickness. It's getting worse.... no actual throwing up.. some gag/dry heaves... ughhhh. i hate it
went and bought seabands.. they're helping a TINY bit. i am trying to go w/o any medications but idk if I'll last. Sad

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:kaos3: You CAN do this med free if you want to!!! I am - and TOTALLY need a med-free buddy! Biggrin The dry heaves are the worst when brushing your teeth.. what helped me was actually leaning forward vs standing up straight. My body didn't feel like I was going to choke on the toothbrush as bad when leaning forward..

Hang in there, girlie! Can't last forever!!!

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I'm doing it med free! Some days is worse than others but you can do it (: eat small frequent meals, that has helped me out a lot!

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Good work ladies! I did it med free with DD too. I like to think I was lucky though and it wasn't that bad. More nausea than actual vomiting. I found lemon hard candies were good to suck on.

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You ladies are strong willed individuals. I've been on Zofran since week 7. Still vomiting, but I can function. I was to the point where I couldn't do anything without throwing up constantly. Anyway, point is.. med free was definitely not in my cards..lol

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Jessica - Same here. I've been taking zofran for weeks now. I still feel like death, but I can at least get out of bed and go to work and somewhat care for my two LO's (DH is still mostly doing everything). I soooo wish the nausea/exhaustion phase would end now. Sad