Just got back from MedCheck

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Just got back from MedCheck

My nasal congestion has moved to my chest and yesterday I was having coughing fits so bad I was doubled over and couldn't breathe deeply. The school nurse listened and said she heard wheezing in my upper lobes and to call my doc. So I called the oB and by the time they called back it was too late to make it to the office so they said to go to medcheck. I was way too tired to even drive after school so I went straight home and ended up in bed at 7pm. I was still coughing this morning so I went to MedCheck and they gave me an inhaler to help with the wheezing.

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That's no fun. I hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon!

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I hate that! I've had an awful cough since Tuesday. Hope you feel better soon girlie!

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Aweee honey!!! Sad That sucks!! How long do they think until you start to feel better??

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Okay so after just one dose yesterday (two puffs) I felt fine the rest of the day. I did mild chores around the house and some computer work. But today, I wake up feeling fine. No cough or congestion. I take DS out shopping and by the time we are done at the second store I am coughing up a storm and having trouble breathing. Thankfully, I had the mind to throw the inhaler in my purse before we left. I am still coughing a little. Can't wait to find out how I do at school tomorrow. :rolleyes:

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My DH is coughing and wheezing too. He doesn't have asthma (I do) but.. he doesn't know what's wrong. He'll be fine one minute and coughing his head off the next.?