Keren's 2 week appointment

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Keren's 2 week appointment

We just got back from K's 2 week appt with the doctor. At 4 days old she was 6lb 6oz - down from 7lb 2oz at birth. We are now up to 7lb 4oz! Woohoo! She is a serious eater. And although she spits up a lot (A LOT and usually all over me Sad ), doc is not worried since she is gaining weight so nicely. And he doesn't want to see us until she is 2 months old (unless I want to bring her in earlier for any reason.) Feels good to know I'm doing something right Smile

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Yey! That's awesome. She is way too cute Smile We go back in 2 months also!

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2-month return date here, too.

Gosh, that's a cutie patootie there, Yaeli! Smile Sooo stinking cute!!

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Glad she is gaining well! Good job mama! She's precious!

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She is adorable! Yay for a good appointment with awesome weight gain!