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I LOVE IT! Work is slowish - hope I didn't just jinx myself - so I'm just catching up quietly on paperwork in my office which has given me a chance to notice all of the crazy kicking and squirming going on. I took a break and just watched my belly poke out here and there. So cool Smile

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:clappy: Such a cool feeling, isn't it? Biggrin

Austin has been kicking me and making my tummy shake but I haven't seen any body parts yet - I can't wait though!!!! :love10:

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It is fun! Although at my u/s they told me that my placenta is at the front which is why I am not feeling anywhere near as much action as I should be by now Sad I feel lots of punching on my bladder though Smile

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That's so cool! I haven't felt the real kicks yet, but I definitely feel all the squirming. It always makes me smile. I'm feeling baby really low and the doctor told me baby is head down last week, so it's not making much since why I am feeling it so low. Wheere is everyone else feeling movement?

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My placenta is anterior too, but I have been feeling a lot more in the last week or so. I feel movement all over the place. Today it was mostly left sided, upper abdomen. Last night all the movement was really low, all the way down by my pubic bone.

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I love it. Lucas is so active. A lot more than Noah was! He's already kicking that its uncomfortable. Making those muscles strong lol

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I have an anterior placenta too and just like with Jack, little miss is head down. I feel her down low like I did him. I think she kicks and head butts my cervix and stuff. No real kicks yet, just squirming fish like movements. But I look forward to when she does move and I can feel it. Makes me stress a little less Smile

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I know the feeling & love it too. I can watch a hard lump bulge out of my tummy and move across and all over! I feel tons of kicks, although it does make me feel a little guilty abt still drinking coffee!! I wonder if it's making my little one extra hyper? I don't think I could make it through winter without coffee and tea though.

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That's a wonderful feeling.