Killer headaches anyone??

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Killer headaches anyone??

Today's been the worst of my headaches. But it seems they are bad all the time. With DS I had them really bad to ... my midwife had me drinking caffine to rid of them.
Tonight pain is a 7... typically a 5 And i'd say about 70% of the day i had one every day
How are you ladies?

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Sad Sorry your head hurts! Hope you get better soon

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I'm sorry. I had them in the early beginning and still do sometimes but not as bad and not as often. Hope they go away soon!

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Yes, me! I always have headaches often, but it is so much worse during pregnancy and I can't take any of the mess that would normally help. My headaches just laugh at Tylenol, but if I take Tylenol with a coke or something with caffeine it will let up a bit, but rarely does it go away completely. My best bet is to try and prevent them: eat every three hours (just a small, nutritious snack), drink tons of water, get at least 8 hours of sleep/night, try not to clench my jaw - I'm reeeeally bad about this and I do it subconsciously. If I don't eat, drink, or sleep well Ill almost certainly get a headache.