Lara - Update request! :)

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Lara - Update request! :)

Did you have your Profile Scan today??? How did everything go, mama?? Biggrin Baby looking good?? Biggrin Do we have a gender? Should I stop with all the questions now? ROFL

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Thanks for asking Adriana!!

Yup, I had my scan and everything was great!! I'm soooo happy! With my son, I had a short cervix and was high risk for preterm delivery so I had to see specialists although everything was fine in the end. I was worried it would be short again but nope, it was greater than 3cm so no issues!

Oh, and my prediction was's a BABYGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My other half wants to have one English name and one name in his language (Yoruba). I will ask my in-laws with help to come up with the second name (in Yoruba) but we have kinda decided on the first name, I will let u know when its confirmed!

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Aweeee YAY Congrats on a GREAT Appt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your baby princess. Smile So excited.. and can't wait to hear the name option!! Biggrin

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Cograts on your baby girl! So happy for you! Glad everything looks good! Can't wait to hear the name!

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Yey! Congrats on your baby girl (: glad everything went great!