Linea Nigra??

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Linea Nigra??

Has anyone noticed this yet? I just noticed it in the shower this morning, it tends to get really dark on me or maybe it's just that I'm so pale.:ROFL:

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It hasn't started for me yet. It doesn't start for me until I'l huge, then after I give birth, it takes FOREVER to go away.

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Nothing here yet.. Don't remember it being too terribly noticable last time.. It can hold off if ya ask me! hehe..

Now da boobs? WHOLE 'nother issue! :shock: The sports bras are getting tighttttttt! :shock:

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I still kinda have mine from having DS2, never really went away. Usually doesn't start showing until I'm big, and it's not that dark.

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Mine never went completely away. It's getting a little darker now but not much.

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Mine was still visable from DS and i think it's VERY SLIGHTLY darker.