low placenta

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low placenta

I went for my Anatomy Ultrasound today and the doctor told me that everything was great but... i had a low placenta - 9 out of 10 times it will move up to where it should but i have to wait 6 weeks - no intercourse and no heavy lifting.... anyone else experienced this?

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I had it with DS2 and with DD it was borderline. The previa did move and I was able to deliver vaginally with both. This time my placenta is high so no problems this time. Just take it easy, as the baby 'grows' the placenta usually grows away from the cervix.

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thanks nervous i guess

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I see you are new to PG.org welcome!
It's a thing that would make us all nervous.
They say it usually moves up, but you will probably have several more scans to track it and be sure but even if it doesn't there is still C-section and there will be close monitoring. For now though I would do as the doctor suggests and take it easy, and try not to stress about it too much, it's still early and there is lots of time left.

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WELCOME! :wavehello:

I've never had this personally but I know a few people who have. As others have said the placenta normally moves up as your uterus grows and it becomes a non-issue. I've heard it compared to inflating a balloon. If you put a dot on the bottom part of a balloon and then inflate it, the dot moves up...away from the opening. *hugs* Try to not stress too much.

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First, Welcome to pg.org! It's a wonderful, supportive group of ladies here. Smile

Now for my input... Not to be a worry-wart, but even if the placenta does move up into position, there can still be a rare, but very dangerous condition called "vasa previa". Basically the placenta will move but there may still be a large blood vessel covering the cervix. The act of the baby pushing through can rupture the vessel and lead to major bleeding and loss of the baby at birth. I'm not saying this to scare you, but more because I've seen a couple girls on this board over the years lose babies (stillbirth) to this problem. It can be detected before birth by a more extensive ultrasound, so it never hurts to read up on it and ask your doctor about it before the baby is due. If you have the condition, the whole catastrophe can be avoided by having a c-section.

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I don't know anything about the issue.. but I would definitely trust these ladies. Smile

Welcome P.O

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I did have a complete previa w/dd #1 no chance at all of it moving... bedrest, c/s, bleeding, born at 34 weeks.. the whole nine yards.. BUT with dd#2 it was "low" and they kept an eye on it, it moved up enough that I had my wonderful 2nd vbac. I agree w/ pp take your dr's advice, take it easy, ANY bleeding call the md asap! But I'm sure it'll migrate up and you'll be just fine and dandy Smile