May 8th!!

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May 8th!!

Will be my Lucas' birthday Smile Got my surgery letter in the mail today. So excited!! 25 more days, wow!!

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YAY! May 8th is a significant date to me! Not long now Lucas!!!

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That's so exciting! Yay for baby Lucas being born soon.

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I'm so excited for you, Nidia!! You have a countdown to hold your new love.. Yahoo

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I'm so happy Smile

Heather, that's so cool!

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Awesome! That is right around the corner.

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Wow! That's just around the corner! So exciting! Enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy with your little boy kicking inside!

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So exciting to have a date....I agree it will be here before you know it. It's just over 3 weeks from today! Biggrin

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Thank you ladies! Now I'm getting a little nervous LOL

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Congrats on having a date set!! Wow, that's so close Smile

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Wow! So fun Lol