Meet my bean!

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Meet my bean!

DH didn't end up going to the appointment with me. We would've had to take the boys with us, and it's just too chaotic with both of them. Plus I had to leave straight for work. So I went alone and sent a picture to his phone of the u/s pic. The appointment was.. fun. I had to have a pap (blech) and breast exam. Fun times. I'm not really fond of paps early in pregnancy, but they do it standard, so whatever. It's done. The doctor did the u/s himself, which is good, but also sucks... When he does u/s's himself, he uses this crappy old machine in the back. Apparently the official u/s lady is the only one who can touch the fancy modern machine. They have a high-res machine in the office that can do 3D... I MUCH prefer it because the pictures are AMAZING. But anyway, I was still able to see my bean moving his/her little arms/legs around in there, and could see the heartbeat. Smile Here he/she is!! Biggrin

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Yahoo I'm soooooooo stinking happy for you!!!! Hello, beautiful bean!!!!!!! :love10: you're simply beautiful!!!

Congrats on a great appt, mama. Smile I'm dancing in my chair right now.. Happy happy happy!! :woohoo:

ETA - looks like you're measuring right on? What's the official due date? Smile

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Eeeeee! Mary, so happy you had appointment. LOL Okay, I realize that the pap part wasn't great, but the rest of it sounds great, and your bean is beautiful! :biglove: Congrats mama!!!

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Oops, I forgot to mention. I wasn't exactly sure on my dates, so I estimated a due date of May 15th. Baby measured on for May 12th, and LMP date said May 11th. So the doc is going to stick with May 11th as the due date.

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Yay! I just updated my ticker... It's nice to just skip 4 days ahead, lol. Wink

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You just totally jumped into another week! ROFL Welcome to week.. um.. 10 and a half? LOL!!!

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Yey, beautiful bean Smile I had a pap and breast exam when I first had my u/s done too.. boo but has to be done Smile Lol..

Aww.. I'm a little bummed we don't share EDD's anymore lol but happy for you bc you get to skip 4 days ahead, yey!!

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Aweeeee! Hello little bean! What a great picture! Thanks for sharing! Smile

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What a sweet little bean! congrats! Lucky you get to skip 4 days ahead. Maybe m/s will end sooner now! I have to get a pap next time too so i'm not looking forward to that!

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Great pic! and a cute bean!! Glad it was a good appointment (even with all the extra poking and prodding!)... isn't it amazing watching the beans move around so much but we don't feel a thing yet?!

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Hi little bean!!! Yay for a great appt!

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Woooohoooo! I had to wait all day to come find out how your appointment went! Yay for a active bean and a heartbeat!

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Super great u/s photo though! Looks great! Happyb for yoooouuu! Smile