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Just wanted to let you lovely Ladies know I'll be disappearing for a couple weeks. Won't be back until the 1st of Jan.We will be leaving Sunday but I have alot of packing to do. It's not easy packing for 2 boys, I feel like I am moving!
We are taking the boys on a cruise for a week and then spending Christmas in FL where DH's family lives.
Congrats to all of you finding out the gender in the next couple of weeks! I'm sad I'll miss all the gender reveals while I'm gone but I'll try to check in when I can.

Absolutely cannot believe are pregnancies are almost halfway over! ahhhhhh!!!

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Have fun girlie!! We'll miss ya!

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Have a FUN FUN FUN and FANTASTIC time!!!!! Yahoo

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Oh I'm SO jealous! Have fun! Smile

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Awesome! Have fun! See ya in 2013! Smile

I know what you mean about packing for two LO's. I feel like we're packing for a week of vacation when we take a day-trip somewhere, lol. Can't imagine packing for 2 weeks.

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Have a great vacation! We took all three kids on a cruise and stayed two more weeks with my folks in England...there was a LOT to pack!