Monthly photos of baby

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Monthly photos of baby

Last time I took a picture of DD each month on (or very near) her bday with the same stuffed animal and I displayed one from each of her 12 months at her first bday party. I don't know if others enjoyed it as much as I did, but it was really cool to see the progress at the end of the year. ...I kind of wish I still did it with her, but I fell away from doing it.

Anyway, I want to do it again for her sister and don't have a stuffed animal in mind. So, what else do I do, but turn to Etsy for an idea (my answer to almost anything)! This is what I found and I REALLY want (her "theme" is foxes): Stuffed toy Joyful Fox Soft woodland animal by JoyfulRiver
It comes from Lithuania (!) so, I'm worried about how long it would take to get, but the longer I wait, the longer it would be, right? DH isn't sold on the idea of a $30 stuffed animal.... :/

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Super cute idea! Aww.. that stuffed animal is precious. My DH would be like "you're crazy!" lol..

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I did this with my others too. With my first, I used a stuffed Care Bear that used to be DH's. Then with DD I ended up just putting her in one of those infant to toddler chairs and took a pic every month. I wish I had done it yearly after 12 months at least until 5 years old or so but I forgot after that.

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I did this with my DD too and plan on doing it with this baby too. I posted them in their own album in FB and my friends LOVED it. (I loved it too!)

This is one of the pics I took. They were all the same set-up