My 36.5-Week Update

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My 36.5-Week Update

Oh my, it has been an eventful week for me in the baby department.

It started Monday with my NST. The baby did GREAT. The nurse commented on how he's always so active and he always passes with flying colors. She said I must have a well-functioning placenta.

Right after that, I had an appointment for an u/s to check growth and fluid. I've been getting them every 2-3 weeks. Baby had been measuring approximately 30th percentile all along. Well, at this scan on Monday, baby was suddenly measuring about 10th percentile, which could possibly qualify this baby for a diagnosis of IUGR. The fluid was also measuring on the lower limit of normal. I didn't have an appointment with the doc that day, but the u/s tech showed the results to him just in case. He said he would talk to me about it at my next appointment which was 2 days later and to keep doing my NST's.

Well on Tuesday, he apparently had more time to look at it or think about it, or something... The office called me at work to tell me that he wanted me to come into the MFM office at the hospital to have a level 2 u/s done. Of course, I was at work an hour away, and there's only one person who can cover for me at work, and she also is an hour away. And actually, she was unwilling to come in early so I could leave. So I asked how late I could show up, and they said 3. So I waited for my coworker to get there, then I raced in as fast as I could and I literally walked in at 3 on the dot. I was afraid they wouldn't squeeze me in, but thankfully they did, and they were REALLY nice and understanding about the work situation. So anyway, at the level 2 scan, they measured the baby 13 ounces heavier than at the scan at by OB's office!! Thank goodness! That put him at more like 39th percentile, not 10th!! They also checked blood flow through the cord, which was fine. They checked for calcification of the placenta, which it was not, so that was fine. I got to see the baby doing lots of practice breathing, which was just really amazing. I've had lots of u/s's with my babies, but I've never been able to see that before. It was really cool! This u/s also showed fluid on the lower limit of normal, actually a half point lower than the other u/s, so I was a little concerned with that. I ended up induced at 37+5 with my DS2 due to low fluid (it was much lower then than what my fluid is now, so that's good).

So anyway, that brings us to today. I had my OB appointment and I was worried that he would go all crazy about the low-ish fluid, but he didn't! He was happy with the results of the u/s, yaaaay! He said that we'll recheck the fluid next week, but unless it has gone lower, he thinks we can hold off until at least 39 weeks. I'm so happy! I was honestly mentally preparing to be induced next week, but I really didn't want to be. My DS2 is just perfect, but he was delivered a bit early at 37+5 as I mentioned, and I just honestly felt like he wasn't ready. I was probably biased because my first was at 40+5, so he was nice and well-baked. But DS2 just felt soooo tiny by comparison. And he appeared more jaundiced and you could just TELL he was born earlier, ya know? So I really like to bake them as long as possible. And of course my dad was freaking out because he'll be out of state almost all of next week, and he doesn't want to miss it, of course. So anyway, here's to hoping for an uneventful week next week... Please!!

ETA: Forgot to mention I tested GBS+. I was positive with my DS2 also, so I get IV antibiotics during labor.. Yippee.

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yikes! what a roller coaster of emotions!!! Glad to hear things turned out well, and hoping and praying for a much less eventful week this week for you Wink

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Glad the doc doesn't seem too alarmed! Hope the fluid levels stay the same next week! Keep bakin' little guy!!

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Oh man, busy busy week for sure. I'm glad everything is going well with the baby though.. keep baking baby boy!!

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Also had another NST this morning.. Baby looked great, yay!!

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Woah! Eventful. So glad that everything ended up pretty well. I'm glad that you can let baby stay until about 39 weeks! Bummer on the GBS Sad That's ok. On the Dec 13 board someone already got a + through urine! Sad

Keep us updated with everything darlin! Smile

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Sheesh, Mary! Slow it down lady! Lol Here's hoping this coming week is much LESS eventful for you.. Sorry about the GBS :annoyed: I was + with DD and got the meds just in case this time b/c they hadn't done the test yet for me..

Getting closer - keep baking, little man! Wink