My 3rd LEAST favorite part of pregnancy

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My 3rd LEAST favorite part of pregnancy

Okay, my #1 least favorite part is fear of another m/c. My #2 least favorite part is the nausea.

I have now officially hit my #3 least favorite part of pregnancy... I shall call it the "fat, not pregnant" stage. OMG... I look so... THICK. It's NOT a good look for me. Sad thing is, I swear I won't look pregnant for another 4-5 months, lol. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate the way my clothes fit (or don't fit) and I am not fond of the way I look in the mirror. Blaaah!

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I hear ya...that's such a weird stage. You KNOW you're pg but to the general public, you just look like you ate too much halloween candy...for the last 2 months!

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That's how I look too.. even though if I wear maternity pants, I have a bump. If I wear regular, I just look like I'm gaining weight LOL So might as well start using maternity here soon I think.

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ya, not fun at all. I have a belly but no one has commented on the belly which means I'm just fat!

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lol that's how i was looking.. but I lost weight Sad i look smaller now and my belly barely shows (also not as bloated as before) but i'm sre it'll come back for me too. I like the idea of wear maternity pants. that might help!

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Yes this stage is the worst. I look so terrible in the pic of my family in our costumes - just round around the entire middle, blech.

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Ugh that's the worst (or 3rd worse...haha). Just remember you look way bigger to you than other people! But I hear ya...I'm just starting to creep into that and it's only going to get worse.