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my appointment

Had a routine appointment on Wednesday. Bp fine, weight fine, fundal height right on, baby's heart rate 140s. No concerns, so YAY Smile

I'm seen at a medium sized practice where if you choose, you can see all of the providers so you'll have at least some sort of relationship with them all in case they are the one who ends up on call the day you are laboring and that person is the one that delivers the baby. Anyway, the lady I saw I've only been to one other time in my previous pregnancy and she was pissing me off this week! I asked for refills for my glucose test strips since I had gest diabetes last time and as I just hit 24 weeks I want to spot check after meals to make sure I'm not getting hyperglycemic prior to my GTT on 2/6. She told me to "just calm down" in a very condescending way...I told her the problem is that I will over do it and cut carbs out to the extreme to the point where last time I had more HYPOglycemia...again, she looked at me like I was crazy and said to stay calm it will be fine. Seriously? I'm not looking for ativan or methadone! I want test strips for cryin out loud... Then, she went on to ask me if I was planning a repeat, I had a spontaneous vaginal delivery last time, Dummy.

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Sounds like a good appt. except for the OB! How annoying! Hopefully she isn't the one delivering your baby so she doesnt try to give you a csection! crazy!

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I'd be annoyed too! Can't they just make a preggo lady happy??!??!!

Glad to hear everything else went fine though Smile

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Ok wait.. you have one child. It was a vag delivery. She asked if you wanted a repeat of something you've never had?? LMFAO!!! What a dork! ROFL Sometimes I wonder what school these Dr's go to. Lol

I, too, see all the different docs in the practice just in case one is on call over another when I go to deliver.. not too big a deal. So far they're all really nice. Smile

Glad the appt went well, overall! Smile