My appt!

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My appt!

Everything went well! Nothing to exciting, but that's a good thing too! Took a preg test. Positive! haha
Went over some basics with my new OB. Not getting a u/s until 20 weeks so that sucks, but maybe it's best because for some reason I am less worried with this pregnancy. I am not anxious anymore and feel really calm, so calm that I might not find out the gender. I want to avoid stress at all cost and that means staying away from doctors. I have a meeting with a midwife in a couple weeks to maybe switch.
After the appt. DH took me to our favorite restaurant to have lunch and then we came home and took a nap! What a great day and best of all, not much m/s today!!!

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Yay for a good appointment! Glad you're not feeling too stressed. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling less stressed this time too. That's not to say I haven't stressed about this pregnancy, because I have... But my last one was pretty traumatic (but thankfully a happy ending), so this one has felt a bit less stressful by comparison.

Woohoo for minimal m/s today! I've been dying today. And yesterday. I wish I had been able to tolerate the zofran without the horrid constipation, because I've been miserable since I stopped it. Is it 2nd trimester yet? Smile

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Sounds like a great appt! YAY! We had a midwife for DD's birth and will again. We LOVED them. Smile

Good luck!

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Yey for a great appt! So glad you had a good day (: I'm thinking my next u/s won't be until 20 weeks also.

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So glad you had a good appointment! And happy to hear that you are not stressed! That is great. I'm seeing a midwife team of 2 and I love them. They just seem to spend more time with me and they call and check on me since they know I've been having lots of nausea and I've been sick with an upper respiratory infection. Super nice!

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Yay for uneventful appointments! Those are the best kind!

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I agree with Yaeli. There's nothing like a good, boring doc visit when you're pregnant..LOL. Congrats on your appt! I have a glucose test (cuz I'm overweight) this Wednesday and I'm gonna have to cancel it because I STILL have morning sickness like a champ! WOOT! I know everyone is jealous because they aren't puking every 15 minutes like me!

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:huh: I missed this one, how??? :huh:

Congrats on a great appointment!! I just smiled hearing that you're relaxed with the pregnancy.. So happy for you, honey! Biggrin