My Appt- copied from dec :)

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My Appt- copied from dec :)

So I went to my OB today. Luckily I escaped a pap!

Heart was beating... Dr. said that he doesn't use the machine to see the rate just yet so I didn't get a heart rate. The cyst on my rt ovary has grown. I should get a call tomorrow to set up my appt with the perinatal specialist. I guess the specialist has resigned and will stop in July. Sad It caused total anxiety and I started to cry. I will be seeing him next week though and get a game plan for the pregnancy and also to get a game plan about my cyst. Baby was measuring at 6.01cm and 12w4d but since the error of margin in 1w1d they aren't changing my due date. He said the first u/s has better dating qualities anyway and I know that s/he measured 2 days smaller than EDD.

but he said from his machine and from my date the best he can tell the heart seems symmetrical and alright. There didn't seem to be fluid anywhere in the chest or abdomen which is good news.

I have super high anxiety but I'm am trying to relax and be happy. I can't wait until next week.

Here is baby

Here is baby's leg/foot

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Glad everything looks good girlie! Try to relax though. Hope everything goes well next week!

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Fab pictures!!!!! Yay!