My appt. yesterday!

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My appt. yesterday!

I did great on everything.. lol not to toot my own horn but my Dr. even told me it's nice to say that to someone at least once a week Biggrin

I didn't gain, stayed the same.. yey! I had gained 6 lb the visit before which was 3 weeks ago. My BP was NORMAL! I was so excited.. it went down from 134/74 to 124/74, woot woot! Urine was good also, he said I was only the second person that day that drank the required amount of liquids (I only drink water during the day) and they told me that last time I went in also! HB was good, I think it was like 154 or something like that.

I go back 2/21/13 at 8:30 for the glucose test. He said I didn't have to fast.. yey! I have to wait 2 hours there though.. ugh. I plan on taking my nook or a book with me for sure.

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Congrats on a GREAT appt, mama!!! Sounds like you got some GREAT compliments! Smile

How are you feeling, all around? We need to see an updated pic - I know you're just glowing! Smile

Grow baby Lucas, grow!! :love10:

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Thank you Smile I am feeling good.. super hungry the last few days though.. I know I read that at 26 weeks boys go through growth spurts bc of their boys going in to the scrotum or something like that Blum 3 lol.

I will definitely take a pic today or tomorrow!

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Wow, what a GREAT visit! Not even up any weight? That's crazy good! YAY!

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All sounds super good to me! Yey for scoring doctor points Smile Love when they tell us we're being good Smile

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Whoohoo, love those kind of appointments!

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Yay. good job mama. Smile