My mood SUCKS!

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My mood SUCKS!

Just so you all know why I'm being pissy this week (If you happen to catch my "short 'tude" side in the next couple of days.. ) please refer to my signature.

I am so mad at him right now I used my iPad to log into our DVR and cancel some of his recordings. :x Take THAT, DH!


(God I feel bad that I did that... :oops: Kinda. :x )

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LOL sorry but I couldn't help laugh at that. Hope it gets better, girlie.. hope he makes up for it!!

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awwww. so sorry to hear this. I am always in a bad mood if I'm not getting along with DH. Hope he can clear things up. It's not good to have a pregnant woman upset.

I like the dvr revenge! I will have to try that sometime! He must of done something terrible to deserve that! LOL

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Okay, can't help but chuckle. I hope it's nothing too serious. lol at your method of revenge. Wink

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He's just showing his tool-y man side. :x

I kinda sorta feel bad.. but since he hates TIme Warner Cable anyway, when he asks what the hell happened to his recordings.. I'll blame it on them. Biggrin

I feel like an idiot even posting this thread but it felt damn good to get it out. lol..