My Update- copied from the dec board :)

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My Update- copied from the dec board :)

So between not being able to hear the heartbeat for the full first trimester and...

the other night I panicked and call the dr and he asked if I could feel the baby move and I said no, not really but that I'm early. and he said that it's odd I'm not feeling the baby move...

I am 13 weeks. most women don't even feel the baby move until MUCH later. I have felt it but it's really hard to feel for.

I think I'm just going to be switching OBs

I see my high risk doctor today who is resigning.... So I am going to see what his plans are and what the plans for my pregnancy are and then figure out what's next.


My appointment went fantastic!!

I am feel sooooo much better.

Heartbeat: 141 bpm
Size: 7.79 cm

The heart looks just the way it should right now. There doesn't seem to be any abnormalities right now which is a great size. I can have a regular scan at 19-20 weeks and then I need to see a different specialist at 24 weeks for another scan. I am very bummed that the specialist I went to is resigning because I just think he is sooo great!

I have decided to definitely switch doctors now that things seem to be on a good track. I have decided on a female doctor at a practice with multiple drs. I am really looking forward to it.

Baby was kicking around like crazy. Even squirming and trying to move around. Filpping and tossing and being crazy. I looooved it. and I loooved hearing the heartbeat for just a bit. Smile We didn't get to do the 4D because the baby moved out of a good positive. Sneaky lil thing Smile

Chances are.... it's probably a boy. Smile Here are SOME of the ultrasound photos they took. They took a ton but I didn't get all of them. I wish I would have gotten more but I have at least 2 more ultrasounds so that's alright Smile

Oh... and I know that what I feel in my tummy is definitely baby moving Smile

This is the heart Smile

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Aww. Does look like a precious boy!! So glad everything is going well Smile