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Whether you've gotten a BFP or are waiting.. or even just a lurker.. what name(s) have you come across that you really enjoy?

Any baby name websites to recommend?

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If we have a girl she will be Abigail Jacqueline, a boy will be 'something we haven't decided on yet' Robert. DS is Ronin Francis Noel

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Yay, I love talking about names. We don't officially name our kids until they're born - we're team green, and try to go into the delivery with 2 names for each sex. Each time it has been easy to look at the baby and know which name is 'right.'

Right now we're debating the name Sophie, we both LOVE it but it is higher on the popularity charts than we usually like - we aim for names that aren't weird, but not super common either. Malcolm and Nora are our kiddos, and really it seems like since she was born I've seen Noras everywhere, so that might end up in the top 50 soon. So hard to predict!

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Oh goodness, don't ask me... I agonize over baby names. DH and I usually don't even attempt to think or talk about it until after our gender scan to eliminate the need to come up with a name of both sexes, hahaha. There are just too many to pick from!!!

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:lurk: Let's see, I like Christopher Michael (however, I'm renting from a guy named Christopher and he's kind of a butt, so I'm not liking it as much as possible). DH wants the name "Charles" in there some where, so I'd rather have it as a middle name. So, I like Logan, Zack, Zander and DH has shot them all down. He won't even talk about names and I don't think he will until we are in the clear - which means when the baby comes out. If it's a girl, I want Ashley Ryan. Ryan is my middle name.

Maybe when we find out the gender, DH will be more on board to discussing names.

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We love Aiden for a boy and we are thinking about Addison for a girl!