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Thread: Need name help!

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    I still don't have names picked out so I'm not much help! I DO like Amelia from the list though!

    We are going to get a glimpse of baby tonight so we can pick out a couple names because we are having a hard time with it as well. It doesn't make it any easier that we don't know what we are having,lol

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    Well we're orthodox too, but I approach the naming a bit different. My husband's family does what you do, which is hebrew names with English ones on the birth certificates. My family we have names that go nicely in English and Hebrew (especially for first names) and then the middle names for my brothers are a bit more hebrew, and for me it's still both. So in looking for names for this one, I'm looking for ones that go nicely in Hebrew and English and I don't feel like I have to put a separate english name. When I suggested a name to DH, he said, so in English it would be ..... I said NO! in English it would be the same as the hebrew since I like one name and that's it!! I am having a really hard time finding middle names that go nicely with the first names that don't sound too religious or hebrew, but also go since the first names are hebrew and very anglicized names don't go well.

    Anyways this is all to say that if the purpose of the English name is just for later in life, then I really don't think it's necessary to have a separate english name for the middle name, since likely only the first will be the issue. But, if you want an "A" name - my name is Adina, it's hebrew as well as a million other languages, and I never have an issue in the english world with it I also like Amalia, and then there is Arielle, Ariella - but those might be too hebrew to be an english version of your already picked out hebrew - I don't know.
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    Thanks Adina! Always interesting to hear different perspectives My hubby and I have both grown up with only hebrew names and have had challenges in the real world with our names. We always wanted to just give our kids as many options as possible with names so that they never feel resentful for being 'stuck' with a name that is not commonly known or at least understood!
    And to top that off if we are giving 2 hebrew names we like to give the same initials in English names to try and minimize confusion etc...

    Truth is, we do what we would have wanted for ourselves, but who's to say our kids will appreciate the choices
    THanks for your input and nice to have someone else from my little world on here! Beshaa Tova!
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