It was a nice week or so greeting to know you ladies

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It was a nice week or so greeting to know you ladies

It has been confirmed I am/have been miscarrying the last couple days, you are a great group of ladies and I pray your pregnancies continue on healthy as they have been. I may or may not lurk as it was hard enough to come on here to begin with. Thank you all for your support and unfortunately I will not be joining any another months as my hubby and I decided we are okay with our two precious gifts we have now Smile as they light up our world already. They are my pride and joy and most of all my heart and they are making it easier to get through this with their unconditional love for me.

Good Bye Ladies,

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:comfort: my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, girl..

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so sorry! Hoping you recover fast and enjoy your 2 precious LO's. they do seem to know how to make it all better!

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I am very sorry for your loss. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

While I realize you shared you do not plan on joining another birth board, please know you are always welcome onsite if you'd like to stay in touch. If you prefer to not chat on this board at this time, I know you may be able to meet up with some familiar faces on our Anything board (near very top of the dropdown list for all boards.)

Take care,

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Oh no! I'm so sorry! Hope you are able to heal and move forward quickly.

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Thoughts and prayers sent your way, girlie. :bigarmhug:

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:bighug: So sorry things have turned out this way for you. Hug those two LO's of yours closely.