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No thank you!!

'King'-sized newborn: Baby boy weighs more than 15 pounds at birth | Fox News


When Jade King became pregnant, she probably didn?t bet on delivering one of the United Kingdom?s biggest newborns.

George King was born six weeks ago, weighing in at 15 pounds, 7 ounces, Science World Report reported. A newborn baby is usually half that size.

Reports say Jade?s baby was the second-biggest baby to be delivered vaginally in the United Kingdom.

George, who lives in London, with his parents, Jade and Ryan, wears clothes made for a 6-month-old. He is more than 26 inches tall, certainly taller than your average 6-week-old.

Doctors didn?t realize exactly how big George was until they saw his head and then his shoulders became stuck. More than 20 doctors assisted in the delivery, according to the Science World Report.

His parents called him a ?miracle baby,? because he was without oxygen for five minutes, lowering his chances of survival. He stayed in the hospital for more than four weeks before going home, and now he has since gained another pound.

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I saw that yesterday. My daughter weighed 16 lbs at ONE YEAR and this baby was born 15 lbs 7oz. Sounds like crap prenatal care to me though...I mean, how could they have NOT known? Perhaps she had GD? I don't know, but the oxygen restriction at birth can cause life long problems!

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I heard about that on the radio, YIKES! I agree.. maybe she had GD? IDK.. maybe she just makes huges babies lol But I heard the record for the biggest baby was like 20 something pounds!!

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Crazy. Def not normal! And how in the world does a doc miss that huge of a baby? She must have been really big... i dunno. Soudns crazy to me! Hope he's ok though with the lack of oxygen etc...