Nolan Matthew is here!

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Nolan Matthew is here!

We got started with the induction at 5pm and I was expecting a looong night. I had already been up since 6am and worked most of my shift at work. It was moving slowly. At 8:40pm, I posted something about being bored and where are the contractions, haha... little did I know, he'd make it before midnight.

I had been sorta anti-epidural. I had epidural with my other two, but last time, my bp dropped pretty low and it scared me. This time, I was on bp meds to boot. So I fought as long as I could... Finally broke down and asked for it, but by that point, they had to give me another bag of IV fluid first to help prevent the bp drop. They were running it really quickly, but not fast enough BC it was really getting intense. The contractions were right on top of each other. He quickly got it in place, then they wanted to hurry up and get me out of that position to calm the contractions a bit. At that point, I was screaming that I couldn't move and that I was pushing. He hadn't even started the epidural meds, lol.

I was pushing involuntarily and screaming, omg, animal screams. They were also involuntary. I could hear them and knew they were coming from me, but had no clue how. The doc and nurses were screaming at me to slow down while I was screaming my animal noises at them. I finally was able to make the words "I can't." My doctor just shrugged and said OK, so I went for it. A push for the head and one more for the body.

He was born at 11:54pm weighing 6lb4oz, 19 inches. my smallest baby. I didn't tear.. just a "skid mark" that I'm sure I would've avoided had I been able to slow down. Not too bad, though. Smile

They are calling him "small for gestational age" so they're checking his blood sugar frequently, which adds pressure to BF-ing which never goes great for me anyway. He has nursed decently so far, though.

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Congrats! And wttw Nolan!! Loved the birth story with the wild animal screaming and natural urges to push. That's pretty text book, according to the birthing books I've read! Awesome! So glad you didn't tear either. Can't wait to see pics of your little guy!

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Congrats!!!!! Welcome little guy! What an entrance Smile
Hope you feel good and enjoy the baby snuggles!

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Aww congrats. I am happy for you. Smile

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Good job mama! Congrats!

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CONGRATS MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTTW Nolan! LOVE the name!! Sooo excited to start seeing our May babies Biggrin

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Congrats!!! Wow on the story - that's awesome though you did it without an epi! I was screaming and yelling when I pushed my baby out too. Yay for no tearing!!

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Congratulations!! Welcome to the world Nolan! Biggrin

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WTTW Nolan! Hope your recovery is fast and enjoy your LO! Congrats mama!!!

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Yey!! Saw the pic on FB, he is adorable Smile Congrats mama!!

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Woohoo! Congrats Momma and wttw Nolan! Can't wait to see pics!