Nolan's 1st appointment

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Nolan's 1st appointment

We had his first appointment today, at about 4.5 days old. He was already back up to his birth weight, yay! He didn't lose that much weight in the hospital, only 4oz, so we had a good starting point. He's a little yellow, so the doc wants us to watch for signs of worsening jaundice, but to be honest, he's nowhere NEAR as yellow as my DS2 was, and she wasn't concerned about him. He's eating well and pooping a TON, so I'm sure it will resolve itself. Otherwise, everything looked good. Smile

A couple pics (shared from fb):

Caught a little smile Wink

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He's so precious! I can't believe he's already smiling & not even 5 days old!

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Awww! He is so sweet! Glad he is doing so well and growing! TFS!

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Awesome pics, Mary. Congrats again!! He's a cutie!! Wink

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He is his little smile!

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So adorable...great picture!! Smile Sounds like he is doing great too. Great news!