Not so, really bad appt yesterday

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Not so, really bad appt yesterday

I went in for my 34 week appt with nst and baby was not moving much. I wasn't really concerned cause she normally moves all the time but they sent me for a biophysical profile scan anyhow. She started moving towards the end of it and was given an 8/8. So that was good. But the tech also measured the blood flow in the cord and found that there was some resistance. I guess meaning she isn't getting as much blood as she should? Idk. I didn't get to think of or ask many questions because of the a** of a dr I saw. Every time I see him he says, "you know you are at a higher risk of diabetes later in life since you have gd." Yes, I know that thanks! But yesterday he decided attack my weight. He told me all of my complications were due to my weight and would not be happening if I wasn't over weight. He said I should use that as motivation to lose some weight in the future. He is the only dr to do this. I know I am 220lbs. I was that weight before and still am since I haven't gained a lb this pregnancy. But I also know skinny woman have their share of complications and I know people much much heavier than me that have perfectly normal pregnancies. He upset me so much that I couldn't speak for fear of breaking down. I really wanted to kick him in the head as he did the cervix check. I called the office today to talk to the nurse so hopefully I can get some more information. I am seeing the high risk dr about this next Tuesday but it seems so far away. I also plan to talk to the office manager about the drs behavior. I am thoroughly disgusted by his comments.

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OMG, I wanna smack your doctor FOR YOU! I'm heavier than you - all of it was pre-pregnancy, I actually lost four lbs this pregnancy. Never once was anything attributed to my weight. I didn't have GD, but skinny women have that too....?

Yeah, I'd definitely complain.

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I'm sorry your appointment didn't go so well. What a d-head doctor!! I'm so sorry :bigarmhug: What a prick. I hope you get answers soon! KUP ok?

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Totally understand that. I would be very upset also!! With Noah I had pre-hypertension and had him early and never once was my doctor that rude. UGH! I'm so sorry and yes, any size woman can have GD. It just happens!

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WOAH! What a tool! I don't know how I would have reacted to such statements. The facts are that regardless of why something is going on, it is, and it is his job to help you and baby come through safely. Discussions about weight loss in the future can be had IN THE FUTURE! Not on the day you potentially have a scary finding that is most likely NOT RELATED anyway.

And while I don't consider myself a "skinny woman," I am not over weight and I have GD (this pregnancy and last), my mom did, and in retrospect, her mom probably did too (they didn't check for it back then).

What a jerk.

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Your doctor is a jerk! I was 247 lbs when I got pregnant with my son and never was my weight mentioned. I lost weight my entire pregnancy (eating 3000cal/day) and gave birth at 207 lbs. The nurse was concerned about my weight loss but my doctor wasn't. But every doctor I dealt with treated me with respect as every pregnant woman should be.

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what a freaking jerk! You should fart on him next time he does a cervical check! hahahaha I would of gone off the handle, you took it VERY much more better than I would of. And you are so right, size doesn't matter when it come to gd.

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While I am equally unimpressed with the Drs weight comments - I am more concerned about the cord issues.
I wouldn't be comfortable waiting a week to see the doctor - but that is based on my own past experience.
Please keep doing kick counts and any sign of concern, get checked out.
I lost my daughter at 33 weeks due to an cord insertion issue, that went undiagnosed (not that there was anything they could have done about it) because she was growing as she should, so there was no reason to look at anything more then the standard u/s things.
I am not sure how the blood flow and the issue I had were related, but in my next pregnancy they did a special doppler u/s to check the blood flow and make sure it was good - so your comment concerned me enough to want to post something.

I don't know your history, but since you are having NST and BPP, it sounds like you are being closely monitored. So that's good and I hope I haven't freaked you out, that honestly wasn;t my intention, but if saying something can in anyway prevent someone from going through what I did, it's worth the risk to me.

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"2confused" wrote:

what a freaking jerk! You should fart on him next time he does a cervical check! hahahaha I would of gone off the handle, you took it VERY much more better than I would of. And you are so right, size doesn't matter when it come to gd.

OMG this!!! SOOOO this! ROFL

So the Dr was a complete jack azz about your weight.. eh.. you're almost done! It's not like you don't KNOW you have extra weight on you.. it's no like you don't KNOW the risks of being overweight. Tell him to shut it.

I'm with Audrey - the blood flow is more of an issue than anything. If the office is comfortable with your waiting to see the HR dr, ok.. but definitely make sure you keep with your gut instincts on movement. If something doesn't seem right, CALL THE DR!

Hang in there ladybug - you're so close!! Wink

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Thanks ladies! And if if I see him again I will do more than fart on him. Little does he know this fat girl is trained in tae Kwon do and can kick his head from a standing position. Grrrr...I have requested an appt with the office manager on Friday when I go in for my next nst.

As for the umbilical issue, I talked to the nurse and she basically confirmed what I thought. They send over my records and the Mfm office decides when to see me and if they thought things were critical they would have gotten me in sooner. I am being overly cautious of movement and I will not hesitate to call and freak out on someone if she isn't moving. I also found out the FFN test came back positive which means I am producing the labor hormone and that I have a higher risk of going into labor in the next two weeks. I also called a friend of mine who is a nurse and gave her the data from the ultrasound. She said that my numbers didn't look frightening and said baby is getting 95% of the blood flow she should. She said that when you give birth, your number would usually be 80% so it might just be that my body is convinced that I am term and ready to have the baby which correlates with the FFN test and my dilation. Whether this is accurate idk, but it does calm my nerves a bit. I am so ready for all this stress to be over. I know how hard it is to have a Nicu baby but at least at this point her survival rate is 99%. I am just so scared of stillbirth that a Nicu baby doesn't sound so bad and that is terrible.

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I'm glad your friend was able to give you some relief with looking stuff over. Smile if it is coming time for you, it's ok!! You've done SO well with keeping little missy baking. Props to you! :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry you had a bad appointment. What is wrong with doctors these days? I haven't encountered a decent one in a long time. Well I'm glad your little one started moving. Don't listen to him. These things could happen to anyone and you should not be blamed.

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My dd was born at 34w 4d and our NICU stay was 12 days and relatively un eventful, So you've done good baking momma! Hang in there Wink