Nursery Update

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Nursery Update

Baby Boy's crib finally has bedding it in! Biggrin

An "elie-a-fent" wall decor my mom bought for the baby.

DH likes the little stuffed animals in baby's bed. lol..

The section of closet I cleaned out for little man since he'll be in the bedroom with us for a while. Smile

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Cute colors! Nicely done Smile

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You did a great job! So cute!!! Can't believe you hung up all the clothes!!!

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ROFL It was either that or try to force everything on the shelves. and I'm already double stacking the diaper buckets. Lol

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Too cute, love the colors! Your closet pic reminds me I need to get working on mine too since my little man will be in our room for a little while too!