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O question...

I feel like this is something I should know.. but Im asking anyway.. For those that KNOW when the o.. I have never in the past been able to feel when I O. After ttc DS i started noticing things I hadn't before (I never knew the differences in CM or any of that stuff prior) But I still couldnt tell when I o'd-- I just didn't feel it. recently in (starting last spring) I would get a pain that at times would shoot down my leg and hurt like heck. then all of a sudden it was gone. Would this be O pain? A few months I had it REALLY bad but then it stopped. (ya know right when Im TRYING to keep track of it!) For those that feel the o pain, where exactly do you feel it? I have had a pain today and wasn't sure if it was o pain.. (I still have a dull ache) according to ff I should o in the next 3 days. what do you ladies think?

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I have intense O pains. Always have but I didn't realize what they were in the beginning. I start feeling crampy the day before usually though if I'm not ttc I might not notice it, it's a dull cagey cramp in my pelvic region. The next day, O day, I get a really full bloaty feeling in my whole abdomen and the cramps are more intense. Finally there is a really sharp pain on one side that doesn't last too very long. I ssometimes feel bloaty and kind of sore the next 12 or so hrs after but not always. Sometimes I spot lightly too. Not everyone has Mittleschmertz (that's the official name for it). And it can be different every month or absent some months as well. The leg pain could def be O pain it could be a nerve being pinched by swelling, fluid, etc.

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Stupid computer, I did reply but it didn't post Sad

For me, it's like a dull ache in the exact place where my ovary is. If I sit down too forcefully or jolt myself it's like a sharp stabbing pain. Also, when we bd i get sharp stabbing pains where the ovary is too. Generally, once I have o'ed, the pain goes. Sometimes I can even feel it with every step I take ouch! HTH Smile