Oh Tums, how I adore thee!

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Oh Tums, how I adore thee!

Sad Last night was wicked bad in the "oh no, I just got woken up by the burning feeling in my throat that's going to get REALLY bad any second, last for 30 seconds, die down for 10 minutes and start back up again" department. DH said it's acid reflux.. Ugh.. No more please!!

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I lived on TUMS at the end of my pregnancy with DD. Sad It sucked. I still have some of those TUMS and they haven't even expired yet. LMAO...so I'm eating them now when I get indigestion.

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Tums never did squat for me. Honesty, I probably needed a prescription mine gets so bad by my third tri. Maalox was the only thing that touched it but was very temporary. Oh and a spoon of peanut butter before bed (somehow that helped long enough for me to fall asleep).

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I take Zantac and Tums everyday. Tums for the more "Oh crap, that hurts right NOW" and Zantac for the "Oh crap, that's gonna hurt" meals.

I read somewhere that during the 26th/27th week of pregnancy, the baby starts stealing calcium from you and in turn makes her/his kicks stronger as they get stronger. So, I see it as... stomach relief AND helpful to baby! LOL