Ok, I'm officially done and over it! Yesterday's Appt...

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Ok, I'm officially done and over it! Yesterday's Appt...

So I had another routine nst at 10:30 yesterday which means I leave the house at 9:30. I didn't get home til after 5 :mad:

They got me on the nst at 11. She wasn't moving much no matter how much cold water I drank and poked or even buzzed her. They left me on for over an hour and she just wasn't being reactive. I had complained about a possible infection so the dr. took me off and checked me and did a swab then said they would put me back on hoping the little bit of activity would wake baby up. At this point it is almost one. They left me on for about 20 minutes and she still wasn't moving, but they couldn't just send me down the hall because the u/s tech leaves at noon on Fridays. :mad:

So, they have to send me to L&D. Of course I am fine with making sure baby is fine, but she was kicking like mad until I get to the dr office and it drives me batty. AND Dh and I had tickets to the 2:40 showing of Iron Man 3.

I get to L&D and they get me on the monitors and right away she is showing reactive. I am still not feeling her, but she looked perfect on their monitors. Keep in mind this is what happens as well with my contractions. Never show up on the dr. machine, but show up all the time on the L&D machine. But, since I was in L&D for an u/s bpp, they couldn't just let me go. So about 2pm, some guy shows up with a wheel chair and takes me down to u/s. The tech explains since I haven't been scanned there this pregnancy, she has to do a whole work-up. FANTASTIC! So this is the point where all hope of making the movie went out the window. And I know you are thinking, "why the hell is she so concerned with a movie when there is concern for the baby???" I know the baby is fine. Her heartrate was normal, and she was kicking earlier, and the dr.'s stupid machine is always showing crap, AND the nurse at L&D even said they had been discussing that because they had sent over several patients that day apparently. Anyhow, the u/s lasted an hour. She couldn't get measurements cause baby was so low you couldn't see her head and everything else was folded up on top of each other. But she was moving as much as she could I guess and the only area of concern is that her fluid is on the low end of normal at 10.8, but still normal.

We got done with the u/s at 3 and the tech said it was a stat order so the radiologist has to look at it right away and I should have results at about 3:30. An hour and a half later after my L&D nurse called several times for results. I got the ok to leave. So I drove home in rush hour traffic, in a torrential down pour, while having contractions. ROFL

Seriously, I am not making any of this up. I am starting to think this is a conspiracy. Wink I am just hoping she comes soon so we can be done with all this craziness. Yes, I am begging to have newborn craziness because it has to be better than dr. craziness! Oh, and baby hasn't stopped kicking since about 10pm last night. Even with walking today she kicked the whole time. I felt her all night long, and during my nap today. She is a stinker.

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It does sound super frustrating; you would think they wouldnt promise 30 min and not hold to it...just don't say anything and then there are no expectations! But I can't say I understand. I haven't had any testing since Dec 11th when I had my anatomy scan. I would kill to have anything: a NST so I could hear her HB, an US for a little peak... I am grateful everything seems well enough that they aren't worried despite GD, but Dec 11th was a really long time ago!

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I can't believe they aren't doing nst on you. My doctors are insistent. But I am going to throw a huge fit on Tuesday because this is just too much. They are stressing me out big time and every time there turns out to be nothing wrong. This has been happening the whole pregnancy. Normally I am one of those people that says better safe than sorry, it is just really wearing me down.

You are more than welcome to go as me to my appt on Tuesday. You can have an u/s, an nst, and a cervical check! Wink

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"Pixacious" wrote:


You are more than welcome to go as me to my appt on Tuesday. You can have an u/s, an nst, and a cervical check! Wink

LOL! Biggrin
I'm sorry it was a crazy and frustrating day. I hear you though and would feel the same way. I'm all for being safe but there is a point that is overboard.

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That's exactly how the past two weeks have been for me!! They have stressed me out! So I know where you are coming from. Anyway, I hope Tuesday is better for you. Maybe all the worrying will ease up on their part.

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You definitely have had a crazy pregnancy! Hang in there and she will be here before you know it! Hugs!

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Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear all of what you're going through. I would have been going crazy too had I been you! So annoying you had to miss your movie full well knowing she was fine. *hugs*. I hope she comes sooner than later so you can leave the crazy doctors behind.