OMG DS had too many clothes!

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OMG DS had too many clothes!

I have 3 full tubs of his clothes and while hanging the little bit of Emmy's clothes up that we have, I found another 5 boxes of his clothes to go through! Most everything we got for him was hand-me downs or bought for us. My sister gave us a tub of girl clothes, but other than that we are on our own this time. My girl is going to be naked! LOL Just kidding, but I look at her measly wardrobe and ALL of his stuff and it is a HUGE difference. I know I have a few more months, but geez o pete did he have a lot. I am hoping to sell some on craigslist or something to get some money to buy more girl stuff.

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She can wear boys stuff right??? lol. That's what my DH tells me if we wnd up having a girl. I said NO!!! After dressing 2 boys at opposite ends of the season I have an overload of boy clothes and haven't gotten rid of a single thing which I guess is good because I won't have to buy anything if it's a boy. I know exactly what you mean though! Where did all these clothes come from!!! I am sure once your little girl arrives you will get more clothes then you actually need and you will be saying the same thing that your are saying now about to many clothes!

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Just wait.. she will have more clothes than you, your DH and your DS put together LOL

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Completely agree with Nidia - baby girls have CRAZY amounts of clothes and accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!