Our guys are the best!

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Our guys are the best!

Sorry to be a post hog... I just wanted to mention how incredible my man is. I am CRAVING mac and cheese... so here it is 10:00 at night and he's making me some.

Share a sweet story about your man!

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DH has been getting up EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. to get DD up.. get her bfast.. get the dog out and get her food before even starting his day.. he makes sure her homework is done and checked off.. and has been doing some light housework. God bless him!!! Biggrin

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DH tells me how tough I am to get through this and how excited he is about this baby coming! Takes care of the boys as much as he can. Cleans the house, and makes me dinner. He hates seeing me miserable!

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I don't have one particular sweet story, but DH is doing EVERYTHING. I am pretty much incapacitated by nausea 95% of the time... He's bathing and feeding the kids, cooking for me, cleaning this place. I'd be lost without him.