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Is anyone doing any kind of professional pictures for Maternity/Newborn?

I have been thinking of doing maternity pictures this time and heard 30 weeks is a good time to do it, so your not to big but big enough for some cute photos. I need to decide quickly since I'll be 30 weeks in 2 weeks. I have an in home photographer I like but she charges $200 a session which I think is kindof expensive. I hate going to the studio though and I don't think the pics turn out as good. I also REALLY want to do newborn photos and thinking about doing birth photography this time. The photographer that I know offered me maternity/birth photos/newborn pics for $700 including all digital images. She is cheaper then some photographers around here but I justd on't know if I want to spend that kind of money but would LOVE to have all those pics!!!! I just can't decide what to do!
So what do you ladies think? Worth it? What is everyone else doing?

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My friend got into photography about 2 years ago and is doing free pics of my baby shower next weekend. Then she is doing maternity the first weekend in April.. I will be 34 weeks haha. I hope I still look cute.. but if not, I just won't share them. She is also doing newborn pics for a small fee. I can't wait!

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I have a friend who does some very light photography who is going to take some family pics of us. Smile Nothing too deep or artsy.. just for experience for him and memories for us. I'd LIKE to do them in the next couple of weeks but I need DH off work and some cute outfits for us all to match.

There's no way on God's green earth I'd pay $700 for pictures!!! I'd go $150 TOPS!!

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Last time we got a maternity session and a baby's first year package that included newborn session and 3 sessions spread out up until she turned one. We got digital files and one 8x10 from each session. It was about $1000 total at the end...we spread the cost over 1.5 years (paid as we went along). That is a lot of money, but the photos are PRICELESS to me. Really, they are so much better than any pics I have ever taken of DD and we have a lot of all three of us which is usually impossible because I'm behind the camera. Also, the family pics are really nice because we are all dressed nice and hair is brushed...not always the case in the typical point and shoot "Kodak moment." not only do I treasure them, but I really think DD will love them when she grows up. Heaven forbid something happens to me or DH...those photos of us loving our baby girl will be so great for DD. I am doing something similar this time because I loved it so much the first time. I think its worth pinching pennies elsewhere to do it, if you can.

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It's totally worth it. I wish I had maternity and newborn pics taken professionally of my other two, and I'm sad that I don't have them now. DO IT, you won't regret it. I'm sad to have no maternity pics of myself. I should really look into it, but it's a little last-minute. Ugh...

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Good advice! I know it's alot of money but I used to be a photographer and know how priceless pictures can be. For some reason, it's really hard to take pics of your own kids, they never seem to turn out right.
I know DH is going to kill me because he's not that into pictures as I am, but I'm going to say it's worth it. I'd rather have pictures than a pricey stroller. I think that will be my cutback.

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I have a photographer friend that offered to take mine. I will probably pay her $200 if she lets me. I have another friend that is learning to do photography and she wants to do the newborn pics. I offered to pay her and she won't let me. I originally thought about hiring someone to do baby's first year photos, because I love baby photos. But with me out on maternity leave money for 3 months money will be tight. So I will stick with the friend options and try my hand at some baby's first year photos!

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I did a maternity/newborn session package with my daughter and I'm glad I did. The maternity pictures turned out AWESOME and one of them even won a prize!
I will say that I did my newborn pictures like two weeks after baby was born and she recommended closer to a week and I do wish I had done it earlier - they are just sleepier and you can do more w/ them when they're younger.
And she came to my house which w/ the newborn pics, was a must!