Pics of Bram :)

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Pics of Bram :)

At the dealer getting our oil changed.. he is literally a "hands on" daddy. Smile

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Aweeee, thanks for posting. He's SO sweet!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE! He looks so snuggley! Makes me excited to hold my little squish soon Smile

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! That pic of them sleeping made me teary eyed.. it's the sweetest. You can tell he's a very proud daddy!! I love watching the interaction between a father and their child(ren). Love it!

Look at him in that swing, he is so tiny!! Reminds me of my Noah when he was little.. tiny babies.. aww. Wish I could snuggle Bram. So happy for you mama.

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What a sweet baby! Love!!!!

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so sweet! tfs! congrats once again Smile

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So stinkin sweet!!!! Congrats again!! How is big sister doing with him?

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Aww!!!! I just want to snuggle him! So sweet!

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He's a cutie. He looks like his daddy. Smile

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So cute Adriana! What a peanut. DS was 6lbs8oz so about the same and even the newborn clothes were a bit big. That is great about the breast feeding. I hope it continues to go well!

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Looove these!!! I think he looks like you! But I also see features of your DH (just what I can see of him in these pics).