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Please please please

...let me be able to eat the yummy take out food we just ordered. From my fave restaurant. Yum! But I'm so nervous I won't be able to eat it once it's delivered and I'm looking at it Sad Wish me luck :hungry:

(have I mentioned m/s SUCKS!)

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I had the SAME issue just yesterday at Olive Garden!! I ordered a side of pasta with marinara.. but literally 5-6 minutes later, I asked him to cancel it. Just the thought was making me wanna hurl..

I hope you keep the craving for it, Yaeli!!! Good food should never go to waste! Smile

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omg, I soooo feel ya. I hope you can enjoy it. The other day I caved in to the fact that I can't stomach anything but carbohydrates and had DH order comfort food for takeout from bob evans, lol... noodles, mashed potatoes, turkey (which i did eat, yay), stuffing, dinner rolls... hahaha. I give up on eating a normal diet. No wonder I get constipated, uugghhhh...

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Hopefully you got to eat it! No food looks real exciting to me right now, not even my favorites! I used to look forward to eating, now I dread it! so sad!

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I ate it and it was delish! And now am feeling nauseous as all heck so going to bed Smile But I still enjoyed!!!
Oh and I'm all about carbs right now. Haven't eaten chicken/meat/protien in about 6 weeks or so...

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I feel the same way.. all day...every day. I'.m bummed. I get so hungry and then food is there and uck!

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Glad you were able to eat it and hopefully kept it down! I hate food lol and I'm a big foodie.. love to cook too. It's getting better though.. I ate like a normal human being this weekend.. haha.. probably put on a pound or so too from not being able to do that in a while!

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MMM... food! I have finally gotten it through my thick skull that I have to eat and eat and eat but little amounts that still kinda leave me hungry to not get nauseated.

My m/s hasn't been around for 2 days, ...the last time it disappeared it came back HORRIBLE. I so hope it's going away. 15 weeks a long time to vomit every day. (well, it's been like 9 weeks but still)