possibly twins?

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possibly twins?

Went to the doctor today for an ultrasound, and they think it might be twins, but don't know for sure since I am only 8 weeks, and if they are twins then they were lying on top of each other. They heard what sounded like two different heartbeats, and it looked like there were two spines. I'm going back on Oct. 22nd to find out for sure. Kinda terrified. This is my first pregnancy and any information on what you think is happening would be great! Twins run in both my family and the father's family, so I just don't know what to think. Has anyone gone through this? I just wish I could know for sure.

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What to think? That you could possible be taking on one of the most amazing gifts.. TWICE!! Biggrin We have twins on both sides of mine and DH's family and they thought it was a possibility with me.. but just one that they could see.

So they would be looking at fraternal with you.. definitely hard to tell at this early in the game. Usually around 12 weeks is when they make the call. SO EXCITING! :clappy:

Keep us posted! Biggrin And of course, welcome to May!! Biggrin

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Hi and welcome to May!!

I don't really know much but I hope you get some answers soon! I know you can't wait until the 22nd and I don't blame you. Hope they see two strong babies and heartbeats on the 22nd!!

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Thanks! I definitely will. So excited!

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Our first May twins if that's the case, Yey!!

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Welcome and how exciting! Good luck with the wait! Keep us posted!!!

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WOW! So exciting! I was a bit confused by the fact that you don't know 'what to think'. Do you mean like you're in shock? or are you confused by them being on top of each other?

Congratulations none the less! Twins are a special gift!

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That'd be super cool. Tons-o-fun! Smile Congrats KUP!

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congrats that's so exciting!!! I'm sure I'd be in a bit of shock too if I was in your spot... but a double blessing none the less Smile Can't wait to hear what you find out.