Prayers Thoughts and Peace wishes...

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Prayers Thoughts and Peace wishes...
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heartbreaking.... makes me sick. SOOOOOO thankful that we homeschool! Not wanting to start a debate about that... just thankful for it Smile

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I've been avoiding the news at all costs. I just can't bear to even think about it let alone read the details. I work in an elementary school (where my kids are too), and it petrifies me how easily this could happen to us. Honestly, I'd rather stick my head in the sand and pretend my kids live in a perfect little world.

But my heart truly breaks for the families who are suffering. It's beyond any sense of understanding Sad

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I'm with Yaeli, I've been avoiding it. Even on Facebook.. I can't stand to see the pics of all the little children lost. It's so sad and it just reminds me of DS and then my mind starts thinking "What if.." etc. So sad. So depressing. May they all rest in peace.