Pregnancy Test Messages..

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Pregnancy Test Messages..

Getting my hair dryer out of the bottom drawer, I see I still have one digi pregnancy test in the box. I told DH.. "Wonder what it would say if I peed on it right now? lol.. " He asked if it would even work this late in the game.. I said "Sure it would! It would say You're a stupid one, aren't you?'"


So if you took a test now, what would it say? Biggrin

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"Half way baked!"

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It would say:

"uh. Duuuh."
"you're joking, right?"

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I went into our $ store to get some test for a friend of mine because her's doesn't have the awesome 1.00 tests and the guy ringing me up looked at me like I was nuts lol!!! And I think my test would say "really this isn't your first rodeo lady!"

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Mine would say "Look Down" LOL. The tummy says it all!