Proud mama moment. :)

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Proud mama moment. :)

For the past 9.5 years, my daughter has been in limbo land with the word "dad". Her biological one hasn't wanted crap to do with her so it's just been she and I. Anytime there was a "daddy" function, my uncle would step up and be the man in her life.

A month ago, she proudly asked her "dad" (DH, Markus) to be her date to her school's annual Father / Daughter Dance. :love10: The dance was last night.. I couldn't be more proud of these two!!!!! I'm soooo blessed!! Biggrin

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My dad has always been around, but more in the background. Never really stepping up to be a "dad" he just sent my mom child support and I'd see him occasionally. I think that is FANTASTIC that she asked him to go with her. That says alot about your DH (and your choice in him). A lot of daughters (including me) kind of veto-d whatever choice mom makes in men. I'm so glad your family is coming together!

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YAY! That's so awesome! I'm very happy for your DD. Smile Personally I find a biological father who's all out or all in is better...none of those "in one minute out the next" sort of situations. My DSD's older sister has a bio father like that and he has been nothing but a bad influence on her life. My hubby is her 'dad' and it's great.

CHEERS to your hubby! What a sweet guy!

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AWWW That is sooo wonderful! I am so excited for you. Riley used to call my ex dad but his dad freaked out about it. Riley has only called DH dad once and he immediately said Patrick afterwards. But I always call DH dad to Riley and he doesn't seem to mind.

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Oh my goodness. That's wonderful and she looks so beautiful!! Love the picture of them both also (: