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Qotd - 10/10/12

It's been a while!

Have you thought about baby names yet? If so, have any definites?

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I really like the name Lucas for a boy Blum 3 But IDK if DH does. He says "eh" so whatever lol.. I like the name Leah and Emily for a girl!

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Lucas is on the top of our list too! But I know 2 Lucas boys born recently so IDK. For a girl we have decided on Emeline (pronouned Emma Lynn). Middle names are undecided.

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No idea. It taxes my brain too much and I refuse to even think about it until we know the sex of the baby. Hahaha... I *try* to think about it sometimes, but I just CAN'T do it. It stresses me out.

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My hubby refuses to discuss it until we know the gender Smile

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We're playing with a couple different names right now.. but he won't let me reveal anything. :annoyed: But I like them! We're finding it hard to find a common ground of names so to have at least ONE we agree on is pretty good! lol..