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Qotd - 10/16/12

How many siblings do you have or are you an only child? Do you have a big extended family?? (Ok.. I guess it's more like QsOTD!)

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I'm a middle child. I have an older sister (18 months older than me) and a younger brother (5 years younger!). I have a large family, lots and lots of aunts and uncles and first cousins who live all over the world so I rarely get to see most of them Sad

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I'm the oldest Smile I have two younger brothers (2 years apart and 4 years apart). I too have a large family! My mother has 10 siblings and my father has 8.. so yessssss.. very large family Lol. I see my mother's family a lot more.. as my father's side lives in Texas or Mexico. My mother's mostly lives in Georgia.

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I have 3 sisters; 1 older, 2 younger. I get along with the younger ones best. My older sister was too busy trying to be "cool" to be a good role model or spend time with the rest of us, so us three just kind of hang together. However, they all live near each other I am two states away. I have an average? extended family. My parents each have 3 siblings and I have a dozen or so cousins on each side. Once again, we are two states away so we don't see anyone that often.

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I'm the youngest of a Brady Bunch Family. I have 1 bio sister 15 months older then me. 1 half sister. 2 stepsisters and 1 stepbrother. I have a big extended family but don't know most of them. they are from other states and I moved far far away from everyone. I like it that way but it's harder to raise kids with no help.

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My father's side of the family is complete dysfunction.. so I only claim my brother. Smile He's 3 years older. Biggrin

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I am the youngest of three. DF (dear fiance :]) is the youngest of 5. My dad is th e youngest of 5 and my mom the oldest of 4. All of my uncles and my aunt have kids. My sister has kids but ntot my brother. Pat's dad has...4 siblings i think (maybe more), hsis mom has 4 i think. his bro and sisters all ohave kids. my family is huge!!