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Qotd - 10/18/12

Are you finding out the gender of your little bean or are you team green? Do you plan on doing an early gender u/s or wait until your OB does it?

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I scheduled our appt yesterday while I was there.. December 21st - and we're totally finding out. DH wouldn't let me be team green if my life depended on it. :biglaugh:

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I think our gender scan with my OB is at 20 weeks and I don't know if I can wait that long.. so we may do a fun one at a 3D/4D place at 17/18 weeks!

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Going Team Green this time! Someone's gotta do it right!? I used to think it was silly to wait to find out, but I hear it's such an emotional great experience to wait so I think I will try it for our last time. I'm going out of the baby making business BIG!!!

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You bet I'm finding out! I have no patience lol Smile and we won't talk about names until we know the gender, and we'll need plenty of time to come up with a name! exactly 10 weeks to go for me!

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Nidia - We did an early gender scan with DS2 at a local 3D/4D place, and they predicted it correctly at 14w2d!!

AFM - I'm probably going to find out. I've ALWAYS wanted the experience of the surprise, but my DH isn't into it, and I don't have the willpower to fight him on it because I love going to the big u/s and finding out.

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Well, given Dh said I needed to go back to the u/s room and demand to be told the gender today, I don't think we will be team green. LOL DH is sooooo impatient this time. He really wants a girl so he is dying to find out. I doubt we will do an early u/s just because of the cost. But, I would guess if my titer levels go up I will be having tons of u/s so who knows.

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We are finding out. Not sure if it will be at 17 weeks or 21 weeks. But we can't wait. DH always said he wanted to wait to find out the gender, but the moment I got my BFP he changed his mind Wink

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I don't like surprises when it comes to this! So we'll be finding out too!!

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Oh, and I was thinking about this a while back... I should be hitting 20 weeks right around Christmas time. I've usually had my big u/s at more like 17-18 weeks, so I'm really hoping I know before Christmas so we can announce it then. Smile

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I wanna go team green but DF doesn't want to so we'll find out when we can.

yaeli, be sure to come up with some of the opposit gender names, baby sometimes tricks the u/s tech. Smile