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Qotd - 10/30/12

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you celebrate Halloween? What are your kids dressing up as?

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Had a book club halloween get together last Friday and I did simple, cat ears, cat tail, drew nose and whiskers.. dressed in black!

My son is going to be a ninja turtle this year, he's so excited. It's really the first year he's been truly excited about it Smile Our Church Trick or Treat is tonight! So I'm looking forward to getting lots of good pics. Then tomorrow we will go around in town!

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I haven't dressed up in years, but I have costumes for the kids. DS1 is going to be a mail man.. His costume is so cute.. Looks like the real deal. DS2's costume is a black and white striped prisoner suit with sheer sleeves that are made to look like arms, and they've got "tattoos" all over them, hahaha... He looks hilarious in it because he couldn't look intimidating if he tried. Wink

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I don't dress up, but my kids will! DS1 is Batman and DS2 is Robin! Can't wait to get some pics of them. It's going to be really cold, so we may have to take them to the mall for trick or treating.

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Me? Nah.. not dressing up this year.. Last year I was a prisoner and DH was a warden. Lol

DD is going to be a Pink Power Ranger. Smile

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My son is iron man! I'm not dressing up this year.

I think we should all post pics after tonight!!!