Qotd - 11/7/12

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Qotd - 11/7/12

What's your favorite dessert?

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I loveeeeeeeeeee cheesecake. I love brownie sundaes and I love cake.. pretty much any type HAHA. I love desserts period!

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Mmmmm.... cheesecake :tasty:

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hmmmm. I think it depends on the day, but I usually won't pass up chocolate cake. I love all kinds of candy too. I think I need to go grab a couple more pieces of laffy taffy.

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It definitely depends on the day for me, too, but I was going to say cheesecake also. OMG... DH and I went to Cheesecake Factory last Friday (well, and the kids went too)... And we each got a piece of lemon raspberry cream cheesecake to bring home. It is freaking wonderful. I LOVE IT.

Seriously, though.. I don't know if I could choose a favorite dessert. I love them all!! Just depends on which way the wind blows me.

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normally i love key lime pie or lemon merange (sp?) but those sound nasty right now.... honestly this pregnancy i most don't want sweets.

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Not diggin the sweets right now so my fav dessert at the moment would have to be a final swig of the Dr. Pepper. :love10: