Qotd - 2/4/13

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Qotd - 2/4/13

Good morning Smile

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

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I'm chatter box, so I like to spend it with family and friends. I do like quiet weekends every so often though Smile But I love get togethers with lots of laughter, fun and food lol

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I'm a home-body so if I'm home with family or friends, I'm happy. Smile Had a small crowd at my place last night - didn't like the cleaning up part but everything up until that point was awesome.

Once a month or so would work ok for a gathering.. other than that, just fam. Smile

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My weekend - if I could have it my way, DH would work Saturday. I work on Saturday morning and I always feel super rushed to get home (only to sit on the couch when I get here). But if he works, then I can get home and get stuff done before he gets here. Sunday, I like to go do something. I'm at home (or at work, which is like 4 miles away) all the friggin time. Even if we just go hang out at his moms, it's better than sitting here on the couch. If we are at home, I like to play a game or something, TV gets old.

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I would love to do weekend projects or go out and do something, but I normally stay home with DS cause DH works on the weekends. I like my afternoon naps Biggrin

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On the weekend? Well sheesh, everyday feels like a weekend for me. Since I don't work. But I would love to spend the weekend with my family. I want to be able to go on hikes again (it's coooold still) and I would love to go to movies and Bananas (a mini theme park -arcades, lazertag, minigolf, bump and jumps, go carts, etc).. but that's if I had a lot of money. ha