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Qotd - 2/8/13

What will you miss most about pregnancy after you have your LO??

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I'll miss being treated like a Queen LOL! But then sometimes it's more like I am handicap or something. I'll miss these boys kicks and moves. I'll miss my belly.. I like to rub it.. I wish it were bigger though!

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Very little I'll miss except not stressing too much about what I eat, and sleeping through the night (or waking to pee and going right back to sleep Smile )

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Pregnancy sucks. I think the ONLY thing I'll miss is knowing I'm going to have a baby soon. I'm definitely not one of the "glowing, happy" pregnancy people.

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"nidia" wrote:

I'll miss being treated like a Queen

I WISH! Things around here SUCK. When I was pg with DD he would carry the laundry basket for me (our house is 3 floors), open doors for me, pick things up for me. I think I'm being too brave and not winey enough. Things are going to HAVE to change around here. Blum 3 I remember during the end of my pregnancy DH had to cook dinner a lot because I was just so beat by the end of the day. We'll see....

So what will I miss? I will miss the ease at which you can leave the house with a baby still inside you. DD is potty trained so we've lost the need for a diaper bag. Going out is always more work with a newbie. I will miss my 1 on 1 time with DD because I know there won't be so much once the newbie needs me. I will also miss my normal bras and shirts. I'll also miss feeling baby move inside me...because this is probably our last. #bittersweet

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I really miss feeling Kamdyn kick. Still my FAVORITE part of pregnancy.

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I'll miss not stressing over my yucky belly and overall shape/weight - right now I'm supposed to be huge!
And I always tell myself that the baby is MUCH easier to take care of inside than out. SO true so I just keep telling myself that.
And like Heather, I've gotten used to not taking much out with me - with a baby you just need so many more things.

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Baby kicks and my belly are the only things. The rest is sucking big time. I am so uncomfortable and never was with Jack. I have diabetes earlier this time. I have the antibody to worry about. I am working full-time and I wasn't with Jack. The list goes on and on.