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Qotd - 3/6/13

What do you normally have for breakfast??

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DH makes us breakfast Smile Normally it's a scrambled egg sandwich and sometimes it's with bacon. Lately he's been making me PB&J for breakfast (yum!). I will sometimes stop by a local place here if we are rushing and pick up a "breakfast in a cup" but I only get scrambled egg, a meat and cheese in mine. Super yummy!! That's during the week.. on the weekends sometimes I got all out, sometimes I don't.

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On a regular morning I make myself a strawberry protein milkshake before work, then have a yogurt when I get to work... Weekends is less predictable, usually involving toast, eggs etc...

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I eat eggs of some kind and sausage...every...single...day. Cause that is what does not spike my blood sugars :/

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Most mornings I have MaltoMeal with 2% milk and Splenda. Smile

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What's breakfast? :rolleyes:

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LOL... This pregnancy? Ashamed to admit I've stopped at McD's a couple times a week before work, almost EVERY week, hahaha. Egg Mc Muffins, yummm. I like to just make eggs for myself at home, but I try not to buy foods that my kids are allergic to, and that includes eggs. It's really the only thing that keeps me full until lunch time, though. I NEED the protein, or else I'm hungry again in like 10 minutes.

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Usually cereal, sometimes oatmeal... sometimes eggs (been doing that more in pregnancy for protein). Sometimes I have an egg, cheese, and bacon biscuit if I have extra bacon around. Sometimes yogurt... yeah it just depends.