QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

Ladies, give us the dish on your favorite TV series.

What have you watched?
What do you watch?

What do you love?
What do you hate?

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What have you watched? Every episode of all of the Stargate series, nearly episode of Dr. Who.
What do you watch? Grey's Anatomy (though I am considering giving it up after last seasons finally COME ON)

What do you love? Sifi shows, Old School Power Rangers (because I am a dork)
What do you hate? Celeb reality shows, and 16 and Pregnant (more specifically TeenMom)

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What have you watched? I don't have a lot of must watch but I did watch Once Upon a Time
What do you watch?Currently my must watch is an Aussie show, Puberty Blues

What do you love? It varies
What do you hate? Most of the kids shows around. Urgh most make me want to poke the creators with pointy objects and as such my son doesn't recognise all the characters his friends do. I am also a bit particular and try not to buy items for him that are character or show specific, though he does end up with some as gifts and hand me downs.

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What have you watched? I don't watch much tv these days that isn't sprout or nick jr but I was really into Criminal Minds for awhile and try to catch any Sarah Richardson design shows that I can. Back in the day I loved Seinfeld and Friends and a little more recently The Office but haven't kept up with that in a while either.
What do you watch? Right now HGTV is actually showing a rerun of a Sarah's House series and I've been recording and watching that

What do you love? I do like a lot of criminal shows but don't watch too much b/c they can put too many ideas in your head about bad things that can happen :eyeroll:
What do you hate? I am not a big fan of reality tv which is too bad for me, I guess, since that seems to be the majority of what's on.

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What have I watched?
Any American series really... Dexter, csi, criminal minds, once upon a time... Vampire diaries.... Seriously you guys have the best shows!!!!

What do I watch?
At the mo... True blood... Warehouse 13, burn notice, south park.... The bachelor (

Telly holics here.

What do I love?

Anything with a bit of meat to it. Supernatural stuff.... Total horror film freak!!!

What do I hate?

Most Tom cruise films, sappy lovey dovey things with no substance.

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What have you watched? I was always a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan...so of course any other Joss Whedon shows. Lol. So sad that every time he gets a new one on tv lately they get canceled. Also Bones, Grey's Anatomy (getting a little old though), Smallville, Gilmore Girls.

What do you watch? Lately I've been watching Supernatural because I can get all of episodes on Netflix and I just stream them. I LOVE this show! I've also been watching Bunheads (cracks me up it's so weird) and Dance Moms for the dancing not the crazy moms and ghost shows...we love ghost shows. Lol.

What do you love? I like anything quirky. That's why I'm such a huge Buffy and Angel fan and Supernatural. It's a lot quirkier than I thought. Bunheads is super quirky. So yeah..quirky and creepy. I like the combo. Lol.

What do you hate? Most reality shows that everyone else loves. Haha. I can't stand the Bachelor and shows like that because I just don't get it since it's so far from what real life is like. And Jersey Shore. Ugh! Just seeing those people makes me mad. Lol.

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What have you watched? Greys, private practice, NCIS
What do you watch? army wives, necessary roughness, Royal pains,

What do you love? "crime" shows... LOVE ncis and can't wait for season to start back up
What do you hate? reality shows. esp the ones like toddlers and tiaras-- I can't stand how they have the little girls dress/act/etc.... Though I do like the redneck vacation on cmt..... bachelor, big brother, etc all of those I can't STAND.